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It is one of the most common statement that those of us who help people lose weight and get healthy for a living hear! "I eat pretty well but I just can't lose weight." or "I exercise all of the time but I just can't lose weight."  Next comes the justifications and support that have been cooked up by the client as to why, because they truly believe that they are doing everything right, and it is just their body that has an issue.  "I have a slow metabolism." or "I am pretty sure that I have a thyroid issue."

So here comes the real truth, so take a seat.  It is not your metabolism, and it is not your thyroid, it is your actions that have allowed you to gain weight.  It is not your efforts that are at fault, which is why people don't like to hear this, it is your science.  People generally know just enough to feel confident in their decisions but not enough to understand why it isn't working.

So let's explore what this means.  We all can agree that the body is essentially a machine that has a computer that runs it and parts that move and respond to signals.  If your machine, let's make it a 2005 Ford Mustang in this case, needs new fuel injectors for it to run properly and you go over to the local auto parts store and ask them for the best fuel injectors in the place without specifying the make and model of the car they will most likely bring you a really nice/good box of injectors that will not get your car to work right.  Food is the same within your body.  No matter how "good" you think that you are eating if the food isn't "right" for the goals that you are trying to accomplish then you are wasting your efforts and not getting the results that you want.

Same metaphor now, but for exercise.  Let's say that you want to drive your Mustang at maximum horsepower, and Ford tells you that maximum horsepower is achieved between 3000 and 4000 RPM, and yet you insist on driving at 3500 RPM because some random commercial on TV or the internet told you so, then you know now that you are not getting the most out of your engine.  When it comes to exercise your body is the exact same.  There is a certain volume and intensity where you are getting the most out of your body, and if you aren't exercising at that level then you are deluding yourself about exercise in general.

The tough part is going from doing "pretty good" to "correct".  Here is my advice.  Wherever you live there is someone in your town who solves these issues for a living.  Not some other guy/gal at the gym but a true professional who has spent their life finding and solving these issues.  Seek them out and pay them for their services.  Do this and the small investment that you make financially will give you a ten fold return on your energy spent trying to lose weight.

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