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Everyone wants to lose the weight as fast as possible and 20 pounds in 30 days is awesome from a results perspective.  I had a client just yesterday who last 8 pounds this last week!  Yep, that is over a pound per day.  But we have all tried starvation diets, extreme exercise programs and pills, pills and more pills, and lost that first 5 pounds easily but then you scream "Where did my results go?  I am still following the program!"

It takes 5 components for you to get the 20 pounds in 30 days and they are not secrets but I am going to lay them out for you right now!  Anyone with substantial weight to lose can get awesome results.  That does not mean that you can all lose 20 pounds in a month, that depends on age, body fat %, ect.  But you can do everything right and get results that you have not seen in years.  Here is how!
  1. Cut your calories!  You hear me preach it almost everyday, but damn-it, it is time for you to take control of this.  Stop eating just because you are hungry, eat with a purpose, feed the machine.  You don't get up, go to work and be lazy all day and then expect a promotion (most of you don't I am sure but I have worked with some of those losers)!  So why would we possibly think that fat loss would work any differently?  It doesn't.  Get aggressive about your diet and you will reap the reward.
  2. Eat tons of fat/calorie burning food.  It takes about 10% of your calorie intake just to metabolize the food, and that does not include filling your diet with low-cal high thermogenic foods.  High in fiber, and I don't mean a fiber drink because your are constipated, like beans, green vegies and oats are great at burning tons of calories because your body has to work hard to get the stuff out of them.  Also, complex proteins take a lot of juice to get them into a usable form for the body.  So as you take control of your nutrition, Step 1, remake your plan full of these high calorie burning and body healthy foods.  Why not make losing weight as easy as possible?  Use your body's systems in your favor.
  3. Be a gym rat.  Camp there if you have to.  And learn how to kick your own ass!  Don't try to get through your workout so that you can leave, but rather go to the gym on a mission to destroy your muscles.  Obviously, you need to stop short of actual injury but I always have to add in the disclaimer...  After you break down your body it takes a ton of calories to repair that damage.  It takes about 7,000 calories to build a pound of muscle so that means that if you tell your body to build 5 pounds of muscle, and keep your calories restricted then you would have to burn 10 pounds of fat off of your body just to do that (the process is not that simple so your Trainers out there do not need to comment on amino acids and nutrients!)
  4. Take control of your metabolism.  All of the things that we do all day send signals to our metabolism on how many calories it needs to prepare to be burned.  Easy rules to follow - Eat as many meals as possible, at least 6 small meals - Break down the body with exercise 5 days per week - Do something active besides the gym and your JOB every day - Get some sleep because that is when your body makes 80% of the changes that you will see (don't think that you can skip this one and get good results because it is fat loss sabotage)
  5. BE STRONG!  It takes serious will power change your entire day around to eat right and exercise hard day-in and day-out.  You have to be real with yourself and know before you start whether you prefer to look and feel your best or you prefer to have things the way the are.  I HAVE NEVER HAD A CLIENT WHO LOST ALL OF THEIR WEIGHT AND AT THE END TOLD ME IT WASN'T WORTH IT.  The reason is that it feels incredible to be operating at you potential.  It is like the best drug on the planet, so make a decision and stick to it regardless of the cost and WOW!
I know that this sounds like serious business but after about 20,000 hours of Personal and Group Training I can tell you that too small of a fraction of people know before they start their program how intense it really has to be to get the weight off once and for all.  So I don't pull punches or sugar coat this stuff for you in the hopes that when you make the decision to make it real, hopefully that day is today, that you know what you really need to do.  Take advantage of our 30 FREE WEIGHT LOSS TRIAL today for nutrition and fitness training 2 days per week for the next month by following this link!
9/17/2010 06:17:24 am

I like how you think, and how you come straight to the point with no beating around the bush! Say it like it is! Love it!


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