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We all know that we need to weight train, but not necessarily why we should weight train.  Often, when we are pressed for time, we skip part of our workout, and that is usually the weight training.  Maybe you should reconsider.

20. Weight Training elevates your mood by helping to regulate hormone production - hormones like HGH are partly regulated by the stress that we put on the body.  The stress of weight training is far greater than that of cardio.

19. Weight Training improves balance -  Cardio does not require much balance, and certainly not under additional stress, so there is relatively little improvement to balance from cardio.

17.  Weight Training improves coordination -  Both cardio and weight training teach your body spatial awareness, but cadio is limited to the repeated motion awareness, as opposed to the multi-planar motion of weight training.

16. Weight Training improves flexibility -  The stronger the muscles the more that they will allow you to move through a range of motion without a reflex response.

15. Weight Training improves the function of your immune system -  Cardio uses many of the same amino acids for support as your immune system and can actually make you sicker if you are fighting the flu.

14.  Weight Training improves posture -  Strengthening of the core muscles will help your body re-align itself, back into proper posture.

13. Weight Training can help increase your HDL count (the good cholesterol) - You can get a similar improvement from cardio, but less significant.

12. Weight Training decreases your gastrointestinal transit time, decreasing your risk of colon cancer -  Cardio can help as well, but again with the lower stresses the result is less dramatic.

11.  Weight Training and Cardio training both reduce the risk of Adult Onset Diabetes, but through different paths.

10. Weight Training decreases resting blood pressure -  The increase in pressure during exercise also gives you increased arterial strength and elasticity.

9.  Weight Training can make you less prone to low back injury -  Due to the increased strength to the core weight training has shown to dramatically reduce the chance of low back overuse.

8.  Weight Training increases strength, which improves the ease of which you can get through daily activities, hence increases the quality of life.

7.  Weight Training, when done properly, will increase muscle tone, not much muscle size, which will give a better overall look as the body fat decreases.

6.  Weight Training improves muscular endurance -  Similar to putting a bigger engine in a car, you will be able to do the same amount of work while using less of your potential as you get stronger.  Things won't make you as tired!

5.  Weight Training increases bone density, decreasing the chance of Osteoporosis -  The stress of weight training is unique and stresses all of the bones in a way that cardio cannot.

4.  Weight Training has a positive effect on almost all 650+ muscles in the body, as opposed to cardio which only effect the muscles used for that particular exercise.

3.  Weight Training energizes you.  When you use sugar for energy repeatedly your body will make more sugar available on a daily basis.  This extra sugar can help you feel more energized all day long!

2.  Weight Training can reverse the natural decline in metabolism that starts at around age 30.  Cardio can help, but weight training sends a much stronger signal to the metabolism for change.

1.  Weight Training can increase your life-long metabolic rate and drastically reduce your risk of increased body fat, heart disease and arterial sclerosis.

I hope that this gives you the motivation to keep Weight Training as the key component in your exercise regime!  Keep up the good work.

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