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Here is everything that you need to know about getting your abs to look their best!  This is the secret stuff that your trainer knows and doesn't necessarily give you the full scoop on.  Please take the time to comment, Tweet it, Facebook Post, DIGG it, Stumble it and email to your friends because everyone needs to know these secrets, not just your trainer!  Also, this is real science.  This is not based on some diet or exercise book where they want you to buy the book or some other product.  This is what doctors and physiologist know and is how the body really works.  Stop being duped by a good sales pitch.  Start doing what your body is begging for you to do to get in shape.

  1. Your abs are already there.  Everyone has the same basic structure inside their body.  When I took Anatomy and Physiology in college I got to study a human cadaver.  I was amazed at what I saw.  Underneath the woman's belly fat was a ripped set of abs.  This women died for obvious health reasons and was very unfit but she still had awesome abs once all of the fat was pulled back.  This was an AH HA moment!  She did not lack good looking abs because she had no muscle, but because she had made poor choices that allowed her body to store fat and cover up what she had!
  2. You CANNOT out train a bad diet!  It is almost impossible to burn more calories than you can eat.  The maximum human capacity that we can burn during a 60 minute workout is 900 calories.  And that is training CRAAAAAAZY hard.  I don't even think that I could maintain that intense of a pace for an hour.  Most people burn 300-500 calories during a 1 hour workout.  To reveal your abs exercise certainly helps, but don't be duped into thinking that you can out train a poor diet, or even an OK diet.  You can eat perfectly all day and then drink 2 glasses of wine an your results for the day disappear in an instant!
  3. Last on. Last off!  We cannot target specific areas for fat loss.  Our body will choose fat in order of the type of fat cells available.  There are 2 types (or sensitivities) of fat cells that you need to understand.  This difference lies in the endocrine properties of fat cells.  Beta 1 (B1) cells activate a lipase that tells your body to release fat to be used for energy.  Alpha 2 (A2) cells block that enzyme and encourage fat storage for later.  Your body will ALWAYS burn fat in B1 cells long before it burns A2 cells, regardless of doing a million squats or crunches.  Think of this scenario like a swimming pool.  No matter what you do you cannot drain the deep end of a pool before you drain the shallow end!
  4. Let's call 3.5 as a post script.  Some foods tend to activate more A2 cells than others.  Saturated fats and alcohol tend to stimulate A@ cells so they are a no-no if you are fighting belly fat, hip  fat, thigh fat or any of those sensitive areas...
Losing body fat is a lifestyle so I hope that this helps you organize your lifestyle to work for you instead of against you!

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