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There are a few exercises that stand out head and shoulders above other exercises for weight loss.  Add these to your workout routine this week and watch what happens.

Why are some exercises better than others for weight loss?  2 reasons.  First, good exercises for weight loss incorporate many different muscle groups and motions.  The more muscles that you can get involved in any challenging motion the more calories that you will burn during that exercise.  Second, change is the result of how the CNS (central nervous system) gets stimulated.  The greater the challenge to the CNS the greater the response by the body.  You will hear this concept referred to as Muscle Confusion in the fitness industry.  In essence a confused muscle will try to adapt and meet the new challenge so that it will no longer be "confused".

Your goal when you workout needs to be to send the strongest signal for change to your brain that you can.  Doing traditional exercises will not confuse the body very much.  Add these 3 exercises to your program today.
  1. Dumb Bell Squat Press.  Take a Dumb Bell in each hand that is more than you can shoulder press.  Lift them into the shoulder press position.  Do a squat, and then at the top of the squat, where your legs are straight again, use the momentum of the squat to press the DB's into the air in a shoulder press.    Make sure that you have a spotter.
  2. Single Arm Dumb Bell Snatch.  Grab a relatively heavy DB in 1 hand.  Stand in the Sumo (wide) with that arm hanging in the center of your body.  Do a squat and touch that DB to the floor at the bottom.  After that weight touches the floor, in one explosive and smooth motion, stand up straight and lift that weight high above your head.  Lower it down carefully and repeat.  Make sure that you have a spotter.
  3. Burpee.  Start in a standing position.  Squat to the floor and place both hands on the floor on the outside of each foot.  Leave your hands there and jump your feet back behind you.  You should now be in a push-up position.  Do a push-up.  Then jump your feet back up to your hands.  From that squating position jump into the air.  As you land squat immediately back down and repeat.
These exercises use pretty much every major muscle on your body and will really tire you out when done right.  Add them into your program 3 times per week for the next 3 weeks.  You should find that this will jump start your results, especially when combined with a new diet!
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