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When it comes to weight loss it is important to not only know what you need to but be able to follow through.  This blog will not get you to follow through, only you can do that.  This blog will try to give you the information necessary so that you will have the confidence to try to lose weight for real, and stick to it.

Knowing what to expect based on actual science is important because frustration is the most common cause of failure.  Here you go with my magic info for the day.
  1. When will I start losing weight?  That can happen very soon, like multiple pounds in the first week or it can take a while.  It really depends on your age, sex, exercise history ect.  It is important to have a regular schedule for weighing but the scale can also play tricks on you.  I weight all of my clients each week.  That gives accountability to the program that they wouldn't have otherwise, but I do not put too much stock in the actual number that we see.  I take this approach because after training thousands of people I have learned that weight loss is a crap shoot on a week to week basis, but what I do know is that if we are doing the right things then eventually the weight will come off.  Also, if we see no weight loss 2 weeks in a row than I know it is time to either have them bring me food tracking to make sure that they are hitting the foods properly, OR it is time to make some large adjustments to the program.  Finally, the last reason that we weight weekly is so that they don't weigh on their own.  This way when we get the desired result, which is more often than not, we can celebrate together, but when we don't see weight loss I can immediately use that to refocus them on the goal and the program rather than allow them to question everything and wallow in not having a good week.
  2. Why can't I lose my belly and thigh fat?  Sadly that is just not how the body works.  When we burn more calories than we eat our body taps into body fat to get that extra energy.  We cannot control which part of the body it taps into.  The good news is that as your body continues to lose fat it will eventually get to those problem areas.  The sad fact is that we are not perfect so we will never look perfect, get over it.  Be proud of the fact that you lose weight each week, but be even more proud of the fact that you have the discipline and self control to continue to lose weight when 2/3 of our country cannot!  Just like above, refocus on the right stuff and you will get to your best.
  3. I lost some weight but now I have stopped losing, why?  You are playing a game with your body where you changed the signal to your body.  And your body did exactly what it was supposed to, it adapted.  Part of that adaptation was that it lost weight among other things.  BUT, once it has completed the adaptation there is no longer any need for it to change, and believe me when I say that your body will not do anything that it absolutely is not forced to.  So change the signal again.  Add a day of cardio or weight training, lift a heavier weight, do some more reps, add 10 minutes to your treadmill time or clean up your diet some more.  Whatever it is you cannot expect to keep doing what forced your body to plateau and expect to continue to see results, so mix it up!
  4. I have been exercising and eating better but I am gaining weight, oh SH*T!  Folks, this happens a lot, much more than you would think.  There are a couple of ways to approach this and I recommend that you do all of them.  First, you cannot gain weight if you are eating more calories than you are burning, that is a law of nature and everyone is bound by it,  so you need to eat less and move more.  It is likely that you think that you are in a younger body and your metabolism is better than it is.  Face reality and know that you have added a decade or more to your body and it just is not as good as it once was.  Second, use other tools to see what is changing, like body fat or your cloths.  These can tell you as much as the scale and sometimes more.  Try our free BMI tester or Body Fat tester anytime and track the changes.  It is fast, easy and relatively accurate.  Finally, if it is not working still then don't give up but take the next step and get some help!  Find a workout partner, talk to a trainer or nutritionist, or do our free Personal Training Trial.  Just do something before you get so frustrated that you quit or take that popular "break" for a while...
  5. How do I stay on track when I never see weight loss?  First of all, just focusing on weight loss is almost a sure way to lose your mind and your focus.  Progress, even when you are doing everything right, comes in waves and has peaks and valleys.  Spread your focus over some key areas.  Know that this program is giving lots of benefits like : More energy, Better sleep, More focus and concentration, Increased circulation, Reduced stress, More confidence.  Remember that weight loss is difficult.  If it were easy than we would all be skinny.  Don't be weak enough to quit the first, second or even third time that things get tough.  Fitness is a journey, not a destination.

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