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The new year is here and with a new year you may want to consider a new strategy for you health and fitness.  Lots and lots of Americans put off addressing their physical health until the craziness of the new year has passed.  Guess what, it has passed.  Before you know it the sun will warm the sky and you will be thinking about shorts and bathing suits.  It happens every year.  What is in question is whether you will be excited to see yourself in those cloths or be dreading it and scrambling to get fit, and then taking crazy and stupid action to try and recoup the last 3-4 months of weight loss that you SHOULD have been doing!

There are some simple steps that you should take to make sure that this is a great year when it comes to your health and fitness.  Follow these steps and you will be glad that you did.  Ignore them and you will...  frankly nothing will change and you will spend another year lamenting what could be!  If you have read this blog before then you know that this is not going to pull punches!  You have been warned.
  1. Get off your ass!  We all know that a week, a month, heck even years can slip passed in the blink of an eye.  Don't let this happen to you again.  
  2. Set short term and long term goals.  It can be small goals set-up like a plan.  Like goal 1, get a gym membership or join a boot camp, goal 2, go shopping and fill your pantry with healthy foods.  Make sure that the small goals lead to the big goal.  This will get you in the habit of accomplishing what you set your mind to.  
  3. Take action.  Do it now, today, this moment.  Pick up the phone and call a gym.  Call a trainer.  Call your friend who also wants to lose weight.  Do something to get this ball rolling.
  4. Have some fortitude.  There is never an easy time to make life changing decision.  Change is difficult and you are going to want to quit over and over.  Stick to it!  Know that health and fitness is a journey and not a destination, so there is no end where you get to stop!
  5. Get help.  If you have failed at this before then don't fall for the same trap again.  There are TONS of great support systems (no, your spouse does not count!) to make this process more manageable.  Get that support and you will be astonished at the difference that it makes.
  6. Get professional.  If you aren't qualified to do this process now then get qualified.  It can be through experience with a professional or formal education, but just winging it, again, will get you the same crummy results and make you want to quit!
  7. Open up your check book.  Memberships aren't free, home equipment isn't free, Trainers aren't free and nutritionists aren't free.  SO WHAT???  Either is your cable, your phone, your car.  Be willing to invest in yourself!
  8. Don't quite. (step 4 repeated) You are going to have challenges and set-backs, guaranteed!  That is life.  This is the one bet that you should always double-down on rather then fold.  Lots of you will skip steps like5, 6 and 7 and try to do it on your own.  When that fails DON'T QUIT, just go back to step 3 and start over.  This is my job, trust me.

1/28/2014 09:54:04 pm

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4/27/2019 10:41:02 am

I've lost 15 pounds since Jan 1st, so its going well!


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