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Depending on where you live you may already be getting those early warning signs of spring.  I know that our friendly ground hog is calling for an early spring...

NOW is the time to start getting in shape for the warm weather that is right around the corner.  I don't want this to be one of those years where you WISH that you had done something sooner, I want this to be one of those years where you get to enjoy your summer to the max!  Here are six simple, not easy, steps to get you to have a great body this summer, and it will take all of the time between now and then for you to get this done, so read on...
  1. Stop what you are doing.  If you have not seen significant improvement in your body and fitness this winter then it is time to get rid of the ghost, stop assuring yourself that it will happen for you and start doing the RIGHT STUFF!  Far too many people get stuck on one program and keep doing it, regardless of the poor results that is may be providing.  If you want to be your best this summer then you need to take the leap to another program!
  2. Everything count.  If you aren't counting your calories then you are trying to run a marathon barefooted.  Get aware of what is going into your body.  The best way to ensure your success is to watch everything that goes into your body.  Not only does this ensure accountability to your goal it will also help you make sure that you are getting enough to keep that metabolism in full swing.  And don't try and do it in your head.  I have been doing this for 13 years and even I can't pull that off on a daily basis...
  3. Everything new to you.  Your body quickly adapts to anything that you ask it to, so make everything new to you.  If you love BODY PUMP then it is time to give it a rest and hit the weight room.  If you love the weight room then it is time to hit BODY PUMP.  In either case you will see progress for your efforts!
  4. Lift more weight.  We all are guilty of finding weights that we comfortable using, but when you want progress that weight that is comfortable is not going to get it done.  Move up some weight, then 2 weeks later move up again.  This will really shock the system and get that metabolism firing!
  5. Run as if your life depends on it.  Forget that pace where you can just go and go.  We want to get your body really burning calories and fat so shift into 5th gear and floor it.  Just think how many more gallons of fuel you burn going 90 mph down the freeway than you do at 65...  Your body works the same way, higher speeds means increased caloric burn!
  6. Supplemental assistance.  When you are on a strict diet and really pushing yourself in the gym you can really burn through calories, but also nutrients.  Make sure that your body is getting everything it needs that your food is not providing.  And there are actually some really effective fat burning supplements out there that can give you that extra edge.
IF you have the will power to take advantage of the next few months and follow these changes then you will be ready to have everything that you want this summer.  Make sure that you DIGG this, Stumble it, Like if, Facebook it, email it or just tell someone about it.  This is great info for everyone!

3/3/2011 10:51:30 pm

Our bodies are clever and quick to adapt to exercise.Whatever be the diet plan of fitness options you choose, you need to consider and follow the program properly.

3/15/2012 06:56:04 pm

It’s really great stuff overall, I just wanted to say thank you. I am looking forward to another great article from your side. i like this type of content.


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