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Every Trainer on the planet will be mad that I released this secret, but well known within the fitness industry, list to the public.  Exercise may not be a good idea for you!  Here is why
  1. Exercise is hard
  2. You would probably rather be doing something else
  3. You can get sore
  4. You don't know what you are doing
  5. OK, that is all that I could think of.
So now that you are here you may as well learn something useful.  You need to start paying attention to what your heart is telling you.  The way that your heart speaks is through heart rate, or speed.  There are 2 main ideas that you need to understand.

First, know your resting heart rate.  That is the idle speed of your body.  In general a lower RHR (resting heart rate) is better than a higher one.  If you continue to exercise then you should notice a decrease in your RHR.  That means that your heart is beating less to do the same amount of work.  That means that you heart is healthier.

Second, you need to know what your heart rate is when you exercise.  Sometimes your HR will go up and down in succession, sometimes it will go up and stay up.  Those are 2 unique and specific ways to train and you should know which you are doing and whether that is getting you to your goal or not.

Sorry I cound't find more excuses, I mean reasons not to exercise!

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