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When it comes to Weight Loss we can go deaf to the good advice that is out there, or it all starts to sound like the same drone, "Reduce portion size, Eat more vegies..."

Here are 9 Weight Loss tricks you have likely never heard before.  Just remember what I always say, that there is no magic bullet pill, just stay consistent, don't get overly frustrated and seek out help when you have had enough!  Here we go

  1. Variety is overrated.  You can go mad trying to plan a new and exciting meal 6 times a day until you get to your goal, so don't.  Find a choice for each meal that you like and become a robot.  Not only will this make planning very easy but it can also help break some of the emotional ties to food.  Only add variety when you have properly planned it in.  This makes success much easier!
  2. Eat Barley for breakfast.  There is great new research about the positive metabolic and hunger fighting effects of Barley.  It is the not best tasting food ever but you will find the fiber helpful, that your blood sugar stays consistent until your first snack and that you feel great.  Make sure that you eat HULLED Barley, not pearled because pearled is much more processed.
  3. Meat Up your lunch.  Many people make the mistake of eating just a salad for lunch.  Salad is a great choice, but there is not a lot to it, even when you have lots of different vegies.  Add 3 oz of beef or chicken, and some real salad dressing.  You are adding good nutrients and you will also find that you are less likely to cheat because you won't be starving in 2 hours.
  4. Fill your Freezer.  Frozen vegies are not always the best choice but when you consider that you do not have to do much to prepare them, and you have no excuse to miss them that makes them a great choice.
  5. Keep a party tray.  Make a big party platter, with a low calorie dip on the tray, and keep it in the fridge at eye level.  When you want a snack dig in!
  6. Turn down the heat.  It is a fact that we burn more calories in a cooler environment than a warmer one.  It will not make you skinny but extra calories burned add up.  61 degrees seems to be just right because your body can still self regulate at that temp.
  7. Down Size your dinnerware.  Our dinner plates have gotten bigger and bigger over the decades, downsize your dinner plate to the salad plate.  You will notice immediately how much easier it is to fill up.  And no, there are no second portions, just stop eating when the plate is empty.
  8. Go out for treats.  Most people have some sort of sweet-tooth, and that is life.  It is not reasonable to ever eat treats again.  So don't keep them in the house, make it an event that you go out for when you absolutely need them.  Treats should be just that, a treat!
  9. Try on those Skinny Jeans.  Those skinny jeans are a great motivator.  Put them on every Friday as a reminder.  Weekends are the time that most of us blow our hard earned results, so you need a reminder of why you worked so hard each week.  Also, they are an awesome reward for success.  Both positive and negative feedback can be powerful motivation!
Thanks for all of your great input on this site.  When you have thoughts or ideas please shoot them to me and we will do our best to address them.

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