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Food cravings are an interesting phenomenon.  Sometimes we crave food because we need calories in general, but sometimes we crave food for entirely different reasons.  Have you ever eaten a HUGE meal of Chinese food and then 45 minutes later been ready to eat again?  Do you really think that you need more calories?  What you need is more nutrients and your body is searching for more nutrients.

Have you ever been hungry for something very specific, like a big juicy steak or a big green salad with lots of piled on veggies?  It is really unlikely that what your body wants are those specific foods.  What you body more likely wants is specific nutrients that are found in those food like sodium, amino acids, Vit A and D or E.

Or how about chocolate?  Have you ever been dieing for some chocolate?  What is most likely is that what you need is the fat from chocolate that contains cholesterol which helps you produce hormones!

Here is a quick list of nutrients and what food cravings that go with them.
  • Sugar, causing a peak and valley of blood sugar.  Try taking Chromium to help level out your blood glucose and this can help you crave less sweets.
  • B vitamins causing more sweet cravings.  B vitamins help support the adrenal system and a shortage of them can cause you to go after those more sugary foods.
  • Magnesium, found in chocolate.  Another reason that we may crave sugar, besides the fact that it tastes good.
  • Sodium, aka salt.  Found in meats in nature and likely means that you are dehydrated.  Try drinking more water!
You can supplement these individually, or just adjust your diet to more vitamin rich choices.  Lots of people take a vitamin to help them get these nutrients.  Here is the one that I use and recommend for men and women.

A lack of these nutrients can add to a weight issue because you will eat more calories than you should.  You may have gotten enough calories, but still be hungry because you have not met all of the nutritional needs of you body.  Try taking a good multi-v to help curb those desires and stay on the weight loss track.

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