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We have all known someone who did a cleanse.  So what did they really do?

Cleanses are good for you in several ways.

First, the are usually high in fiber so that gets the intestines cleaned out without adding food back in that slows you down.  That will get a couple of pounds off quickly and help you stay regular for a short period.  But once you return to a normal diet everything else will return to normal as well.

Second, they can help expose nutrient and chemical binding sites within your body.  This can help make weight loss and exercise recovery more efficient.  Very helpful, even long term.

Third, they can get you focused and jump start a life change.  Sometimes all that we need to get and stay motivated is some results and a cleanse could be exactly what you need to make that change.

Keep in mind that doing a cleanse is a tool and not an answer.  Make it a semi-annual event, not a long term weight loss solution because it is a bit traumatic for the body.  Cleanses can cause some dehydration so make sure that you drink lots of water during and after your cleanse!

Also, don't expect the results that you get from a cleanse to stay unless you have made a cleanse part of a whole program for weight loss.  If you have improved your nutrition and changed up your workout then it is MUCH more likely that the results will stay and even continue.

Give it a try and let us know how it went.

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