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Going uphill can help you win the uphill battle. 

Do you wonder why?

  • Walking on an incline (uphill) burns approximately 15% more calories than walking or running on a flat surface.
  • Going uphill burns a greater % of body fat calories versus food calories.
  • Walking at a 16% incline burns 30% more fat calories than a flat surface, but at the same heart rate.
  • Walking at a 21% incline burns 70% more fat calories than a flat surface, but at the same heart rate.
  • Incline training recruits 20-40% more muscles than on a flat surface.
  • Walking uphill can get you the same cardiovascular gains as running on a flat surface.
  • Less joint pain than flat surface exercise because a lower body intensity can achieve the same cardio respiratory challenge.
  • Lower risk of injury due to the lower intensity.
Mix it up.  Try doing more than just walking or running uphill to get maximum results.  Do 2 minutes of side shuffles on each side, run backwards, do some karaoke running and do some skipping.  That additional exercise will shock the system and get you some fantastic results!
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