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The best part of having toned arms is that everyone notices them.  You can wear short sleaves or even a tank top, and when you have those toned arms invariably someone will comment on how good your arms look.

It is safe to assume that toning up your arms is on the list of wants.  Here is the list of how to make that happen, and you know me, we always have to start with the science because toning up is a two part process. 

Part one is the part where you have to strip off a layer of fat that lives between your skin and your muscle.  No matter how much arm work you do that specific fat will never go away unless you are burning more calories each day than you are eating.  SO, if you want to have toned up arms step one is to tune-up your diet and increase your cardio.  If you are unsure of how to do those things then you need to spend the next two hours reading past blog posts and all will become clear!  If you don't take care of step one then you will spend countless hours on step 2, never get toned arms and think that I am full of crap.

Part two is actually exercising your arms.  We want to build some muscle but cerainly more concerned with shape of the muscle than size.  If you follow part one of this program then part two should work out just the way that you want it.  We are going to do a multi-joint execise where the Bicep or Tricep is heavily involved, and then we are going to do an isolation exercise where we really exhaust the Bicep and Tricep.  Here is the program:

Triceps.  Do push-ups with your hands directly below your shoulders.  You can do them from your knees if need be.  You need to do as many push-ups as possible and until you absolutely cannot continue.  Then youo immediately stand and grab your dumbell.  Do a two-are overhead tricep extension.  You need to choose a weight that will really challenge you and again do as many reps as possible.  Once that is done you are done with your first set so it is time to rest for 90 seconds.  After your rest it is time to repeat the whole process 2 more time!

Biceps.  Do Chin-ups with your palms facing up and hands on the bar at approximately shoulder width or slighly narrower than shoulder width.  You can use the assisted chin-up machine with the appropriate weight as necessary.  Do as many as you can do making sure that you get no less than 10 reps.  If you get less than 10 reps then you need to increase your assistance weight.  Follow this exercise immediately with standing dumbell curls.  Choose a weight that you will get about 10 reps, but you need to do as many reps as humanly possible.  After you have absolutely destroyed your biceps then wait for 90 seconds and do it again, 2 more times.

This program will really tighten and tone your Biceps and Triceps.  As long as your nutrition and cardio are appropriate you will love what incorporating this workout into your total program will do for you.

With this prograom I would not recommend that you do this too often.  Make sure that you do not do it more than 3 days per week, but no less than twice per week.  Make sure that you do not do this program on consecutive days.  And make sure that you seek professional and medical assistance before attempting any new workout regime!  Good Luck.

10/12/2013 12:41:47 pm

Great blog post, thanks for posting this.


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