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There are good reasons that some booty's are nice and round, and some are just big.  First, how much body fat are we carrying on our rear is a major factor, but also the shape and condition of the muscles underneath.  Are your bottom muscles shapely and in condition to be perky all day?  Here are 7 easy moves to help improve the look of your butt without effecting body fat, because you know that body fat has more to do with nutrition than any specific exercise.

1.  Lunges - You have seen them done and probably done them before, but they are a must.  You can add complexity like twists and medicine ball lifts but at their core the general movement is the same, so add them to your program!

2.  Squats - Another awesome exercise for bums.  Just remember to keep your knees behind your toes and make the action at your hips (butt) and not at your knees.

3.  Step-ups - Grab an bench and step up onto it.  That sounds simple enough, right?  Now this time do not touch your other foot at the top so that the leg that is supposed to be doing the work does all of the work.  Much more difficult and much more effective.

4.  Lateral Hops - Stand on one leg and jump as far over as you can and land softly on the other foot, and then before you regain your balance jump as far back to the first foot as possible.  This is great for your Glutes medius and minimus in a way that straight up and down movements are not.  Are you sore yet?!?!

5.  Hip Extensions - From your hands and knees lift 1 of your feet as high up behind you into the air as possible while straightening your legs.  This does not take much weight and is great for giving your booty a firm look.

6.  Single Leg Dead-lift - Stand on one foot and reach down, while maintaining your balance, and stretch your hams and glutes as much as possible.  Do not put your other foot down.  From there simply pull your body back into the standing position and repeat.  These hit your butt in a way that is non-traditional and they work great!

7.  Squat Jumps - Do a regular squat, now burst as high into the air as possible!  Not everyone will jump very high but it is about the effort, not the height.  Try to land softly right into your next squat, and repeat.

If you were to do all of these in one day it is likely that you would not be able to walk or sit the next day, so slowly add them into your program.  Good luck.

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