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To get results you do not have to do dramatic change all at once.  Most people try to, and most of that group fail because they just cannot get their life to adjust to the changes all at once.

If you want permanent long-term change then try this approach.  Make 1 small change each week.  Make each change a permanent change, and never go back.

For example -

I will never eat more than 2 Girl Scout cookies at once.
I will do 20 push-ups every morning right as I roll out of bed.
I will not eat treats out of the candy jars on others desks at work.

These are small and simple changes that you can make permanent.  They will not greatly impact your life, but if you continue to make these small changes on a daily basis the cumulative effect is great.  And remember, these are permanent changes so make sure that you can live with the small choices that you are making, because they are who you will become forever!

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