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Choosing a trainer or program should be as simple as comparing the qualifications of the Trainer/Instructor to the cost of the program and doing a cost-to-benefit analysis for each person and then make the best choice for you, BUT IT'S NOT! 

I have seen some of the most brilliant Fitness minds fail miserably at the Fitness industry because they do not have the fun at with their clients, or they are too scientific, or they are not inspiring, or they are too flaky, or they simply lack the IT FACTOR.

I have also seen some of the least educated Trainers/Instructors build HUGE client bases and be loved by all!

Choose your Trainer/Instructor based on an evaluation of not just experience or certs (those are important so don't ignore them) but add into the equation things such as attitude, desire for your success, ability to stay focused on you during a conversation (all too common that they cannot!) and the ability to communicate the science of Fitness or motivation to you in a way that you understand.  Do not get discouraged if you make the wrong choice because for every flaky Trainer/Instructor out there, there are 2 great ones.

Side Note - If you do not get a few FREE sessions before you make a purchase of Training then start small to give yourself the opportunity to bow-out after a short time if the two of you are just not clicking.

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