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I am constantly amazed at how much more complicated food is then we usually think.  Food choices, often even the foods that we consider healthy, can cause you to get high blood-pressure, get cancer and cause your body to get all out of balance.

For example, if you are missing some amino acids because your diet is out of balance then your brain will not function properly.  The neurotransmitters (how our brain communicates) rely on a specific combo of amino acids and when that is out of balance our brain will not communicate properly.  Among other major problems you may find that you are constantly hungry and this is your brains attempt to get the nutrients that it needs.  THIS CAN HAPPEN EVEN WHEN YOU HAVE EATEN ALL OF THE CALORIES THAT YOU NEED FOR THE DAY!

A client of mine just sent me a link to an incredible website for those of us concerned with our diet.  This website is stuffed with diet/nutrition info that is based on real science by medical doctors (who are often full of crap but these are ok by me).  Extensive research goes into each of the topics that they write about or discuss.  I try to give lots of great info but these guys have gone nuts in that regard

Click here to go to link!

This link is specifically for figuring out what specific foods that you body runs on the best.  I have no link with this organization so know that this opportunity is nothing but my attempt to give you the best and latest nutritional information! 

Keep tuning in because this week I will be launching a weight loss nutrition series based on what I learned by going through the above stated nutritional program.

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