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Eating when you are trying to lose weight is sooooooo difficult because you can't just quit eating like you can quit other things that are bad.  So it comes down to choices.  Those choices are the ones that will make your weight loss happen rapidly, slowly or not at all.

Here are 10 NEVER EATS when you are trying to lose weight along with a healthier (not always healthier, but the lesser of evils) choices.
  1. Chips - never touch them if you are trying to lose weight.  They are the devil because they are deep fried carbs so you get tons of carbs and tons of fats.  The biggest problem is that they are so easy to over-indulge.  Try a low cal rice cracker instead.  I recently had some rice crackers that had different flavorings that were pretty damn good and super low cal.
  2. Bacon - We all love it but it is spoiled of its nutritional value through the smoking and curing process and it is SO high in fat and calories.  Try turkey bacon instead.  Still tastes pretty good and is MUCH better for you.
  3. Pot Pies - I don't mean some low calorie recipe that you have stashed away, I mean those yummy pot pies that you buy in the freezer section at the grocery store.  They are super high in fat and calories.  Try eating a home made turkey dinner instead.  You can have turkey, stuffing and potatoes with gravy and still get less fat and cals then a take and bake Pot Pie.
  4. Canned soup.  Canned soup is not generally too high in calories, but it is loaded with other enemies that mess with the metabolism, especially preservatives.  Instead, make some soup of your own.  There are lots of great low cal soup recipes out there, and more are available everyday on our FREE NUTRITION PLANNING site.
  5. Pizza with Meat.  Pizza is never a great choice for weight loss, but it is much much worse when you add in all of those processed meats like sausage and pepperoni.  Try smothering it in vegies, you will get more nutrients and eat less total food because of the food volume.
  6. Never good.  Stay away from homemade or store bought cheesecake unless you want to get fat.  Shortly I will be uploading my wife's brilliant low cal Lime Cream pie that will fill that need and sweet tooth.
  7. Fried Chicken.  Chicken is a good choice, but not when you roll it in salty breading and then deep fry it.  Instead, go with baked or BBQ'd chicken.  Just as easy and hugely better for you.
  8. Hot Dogs.  Made with the worst of the worst in meats, and then combined with all sorts of other stuff to ensure that it tastes good.  Vegie Dogs taste pretty good and give you lots of nutrients.  You will be happily surprised!
  9. Hamburgers.  Not as bad as some, but not good.  Made from ground beef, smothered in cheese, mmm-mmm good.  Try eating a grilled chicken breast instead.  Tastes just as good and will save you pounds of fat and arterial clotting for a lifetime.
  10. French Fries.  Low nutrition potatoes, fried in fat, dipped in sugar and salt and then fried again.  I know that they are delicious and easy to prepare, but they will kill you, literally.  Try replacing them with some vegies, even dipped in ranch they far exceed fries with nutritional content and you would have to eat 20 pounds smothered in ranch to ever measure up to an order of fries.
Not always fun to eat healthier but I never said that losing weight was fun.  In fact, it sucks most of the time, except when you look in the mirror or try on those pants that you haven't worn for a decade.  Then it is all worth it and you will never want to go back to being overweight again!

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