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How often do you change up your workout?  Your body adapts to exercise relatively quickly and I hear everyday how someone has been doing the same workout for months!  Don't fall into that trap.  What once got you results will not get you results again because your body has completed the adaptation to that stimulus.  Here are the variables that you need to use/change to continue to see great results
1. Frequency - change up how often you exercise, or do an exercise.  Sometimes you will get better results by exercising more often, but sometimes what you need is a little extra rest!
2. Intensity - change up how hard you work.  Again, sometimes what you need to do is up the intensity and other times you need to back off for a short time and let the body recover more.
3. Time - how long do you exercise?  How long is each set?  How many sets do you do?  Try mixing it up.  Make everything that you do in the gym either longer or shorter for a bit and see what happens...
4. Type - is it time for you to do some new exercises?  I think so.  Try something that you have never done before and stick to it for a few weeks.  I think that you will be excited about having some fun and getting some results. 

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