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How to detox the body
When it comes to the toxic lifestyles that we lead we certainly don't need any additional help poisoning our bodies!  So it is important to do the simple things that you can to help you stay healthy.  But sometimes you need to take additional steps and that is what this article is about.  Make sure that if you like this article that you link to it, Digg it, Stumble it, repost it, comment on it and do anything that you can to let others know about it.  Don't keep this info a secret.

First, let's discuss toxicity in the body.  There are three main sources of toxins that are in your body right now.
  1. Food - The food that we eat is packed full of crap, some of it on purpose like preservatives, and some of it on accident like pesticides.  Regardless, it is in there!
  2. Air - Our air is full of pollutants, some naturally and others added.  Naturally occurring pollutants come from the environment like dust and pollen.  For some people these are worse than for others.  But for all of us things like smog and Carbon Monoxide are nasty for our health.
  3. Water - Water is likely full of pollutants that will build up and can get toxic.
As you start to think about what you can do about them always remember to start slowly.  Do not FREAK OUT if you can't solve all of these issues at once because any improvement is better than nothing.  These toxins are such an issue because over time toxins turn to poison.

So what can you do?
  • When it comes to food try to get as much ORGANIC as possible.  Organic foods will have much less poison in them then non-organic.
  • Make your own food.  Whatever you can make yourself, do.  You don't have to put preservatives in you bread, for example, so take an hour or two every Sunday and give yourself a healthy cupboard of food.
  • When it comes to air change your air filter often and buy the best one that you can afford.  This air filter will greatly impact how you feel long-term.
  • When it comes to water it is best to install a whole house filtration system.  Not cheap but it is the only way to ensure that the water that you drink, bath in, wash your dishes in ect. is clean and safe for you and your children.
  • Do a cleanse every 3 months.  There are lots of good cleanse products out there (we even sell a great one), and giving your body a break from the poison pays dividends short-term with weight loss, and long-term with your bodies ability to deal with a life's worth of poison.
Don't take your health for granted!  Take a moment and think of the things that you can do to improve the little things that add up to big things.  Remember to share this article with others, ask questions in our comments and just leave a comment of your own!

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