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Tanning, or exposure to the sun, found its origins in the ancient cultures of both China and Egypt.  Exposure to the sun has long been touted as good for our health.  But as with everything that is good there can be a downside.

First let's go through the upside of tanning.  Exposure to ultraviolet rays can damage your skin and that damage prematurely ages your skin and can even cause cancer.  As a defense your skin has a built in safety mechanism called melanin, which gives your skin a darker pigment or tan.  This change not only looks good but it will help keep your skin healthy and protected.  This pigmentation absorbs ultraviolet light and protects it from serious burns!

Being tan makes the body appear leaner and healthier.  In the fitness industry we have a saying that is pretty funny, "tan fat looks better than pale fat!".  This better appearance can improve your self image and feeling of well-being.  Basically, the better you look the better you feel.

Finally, sunlight has proven to affect over one hundred of the body’s function. Exposure to light has proven to lower the resting heart rate and blood pressure. It also lowers cholesterol because the body uses the liver’s cholesterol as raw material to produce vitamin D. Sunlight reduces stress and can help the immune system, as well as increase the skin’s resistance to infections. With exercise, sunlight has many beneficial results, as it heightens physical performance. Sunlight can increase cardiac output, as well as increase energy, endurance, and muscular strength. Lastly, it is proven that “sunlight stimulates the thyroid gland, which boosts your metabolism.”

The downside now.  Skin cancer folks.  Too much exposure to sun will ultimately cause irreversible damage.  Those damaged cells can decide to reproduce and cause skin cancer.  Although skin cancer is one of the better cancers to get it can still be fatal and will absolutely leave ugly scars when you have those cancer cells cut away.

Also, prolonged exposure and over-exposure to ultraviolet rays, even when you don't burn, will cause your skin to age and wrinkle. 

If you think that tanning may be for you then take a few precautions.
  • Use the right lotion for tanning.  The right lotions can enhance the effects without increasing the exposure.  They can also protect you from getting burned.
  • Use a post tan cream or lotion.  Tanning does dehydrate your skin so to rehydrate it ASAP is a good idea for your skins health.
  • Always wear eye protection.  Ultraviolet light is very damaging to your eyes as they are even more sensitive than your skin!
  • Be smart.  Do not tan as if you want a deep tan starting tomorrow.  Tan slowly over-time.  Most tanning salons offer discounted monthly memberships now so take your time and enjoy the experience.
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8/20/2013 09:49:46 pm

If you want to look good, we need to have a nice tan skin


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