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"I really want to lose the fat on my arms so I will do lots of Biceps and Triceps exercises."

I am sure that you have heard something similar, or even thought and tried that before.  Sadly, that is not how the body works.  If you don't like the way a certain part of the body looks then it is important to exercise those muscles because they do play a part in your overall health and weight loss, plus they will look better once the fat is gone, BUT doing those exercises will not make that area lose fat faster than anywhere else.  That process is called spot-reduction and in the weight loss and fitness industry we cannot yet make that happen.

Best advice?  Use your biggest muscles everyday for something.  You biggest muscles are your legs (Quads, Glutes and Hams) and they will burn substantially more calories than those smaller upper-body muscle like the Biceps or Triceps.  Also, throw in some upper-body (Pecs and Lats) and core everyday because they can help as well.

DO NOT fall into the trap that many people do where they do not lift weights for their legs because they don't want to get big legs!  It just won't happen if you are controlling your diet.

Rule to follow - Strong, Fit and well used legs equal a small and lean waist!

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