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Whether you are trying to LOSE WEIGHT or just get/stay TONED-UP muscle is the key.  Cardio is important to helping you lose weight, but having and keeping muscle on your person is the key to keeping that way.  Make sure that you add proper resistance training to your program 3 times per week.

Often, people who run or play sports like soccer ignore resistance training.  The problem with that approach is that the moment that you stop doing that specific sport your metabolism is not high enough to maintain the lean physique that you had.

I have had the opportunity to train top level athletes from All American Cross Country runners to professional Tri-Athletes and when I added proper resistance training to their program they have all increased their performance, increased their food intake (they were able to eat more) and decreased their weight and body fat.

This works correctly only when you add PROPER resistance training.  When you are extremely active already it can be relatively easy to over-train or under-eat.  Make sure that you adjust your calorie and protein intake in proportion to the increase in exercise so that you avoid hurting your performance or your joints. 

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