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Have you ever wondered how you can be active everyday and not lose weight?  There are lots of tall tales out there about how many calories you can burn during exercise.  You need to know the truth of how effective your workouts are so make sure that you are losing the weight that you want.  Check this out!  Here is a short list of calories burned during typical activities.  What are you doing?

Exercises listed from highest calories burned at low intensity in 1 hour.  All exercises have a range depending on effort!  Obviously if you are working harder then you are burning more calories.  The high end of the range is for competitors in that sport or activity.
Low High Hockey 472-690
Running 472-1553
High Impact Aerobics 413-604
Jogging 413-604
Racquetball 413-863
Rowing Machine 413-1035
Cross Country Skiing 413-1423
Soccer 413-863
Basketball 354-690
Boxing 354-1035
Swimming 354-949
Tennis 354-690
Downhill Skiing 295-690
Softball 295-518
Water Aerobics 236-259
Backpacking 177-259
Bike 177-1380
Golf 177-431
Stair Stepper 177-1294
Volleyball 177-690
Walking 177-690
Weight Training 177-618
Eliptical Trainer 177-536
Dancing 170-518
Football 148-776
Riding Horses 148-690
Mow the Lawn 140-474

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