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Turning fat into energy is a process, not just a simple supply and demand issue.  Your body is built to ensure your health and well being so when you have asked it to turn fat into energy the body has many security alarms that you trigger.  If you want to burn lots of fat and not have negative consequences then you need to be a thief in the night and make sure that you have avoided all of your body's security measures!

Trigger 1, Metabolism: When you starve yourself enough to burn fat your body will want to know if it needs to protect you from starving to death.  Eating many small meals, taking vitamins and minerals and drinking plenty of water tells your body that there is plenty of food around and can help protect your metabolism.

Trigger 2, Organs: Your liver is the organ that does the majority of your fat metabolism so ensuring that it is fed with Lipotropics (fat loss nutrients) is essential for it to operate effectively.  Also, when you stored that fat you also stored toxins with it in the same fat cells.  When you burn that fat those toxins are released into your system and your kidneys have to filter them out.  If you are dehydrated your kidneys will not function properly and those toxins can make you ill.

Trigger 3, Hunger:  Hunger is satiated by several different mechanisms.  You can stretch your stomach and feel full, you can get all of the nutrients that you need to feel full and you can eat high fat foods to feel full. If you never feel full then you won't stick to your nutrition plan.  Each low cal foods like veggies to fill up, drink tons of water to stretch your stomach and eat often so you never get sooo hungry that you are out of control.  Also, eat veggies 30 minutes before you meals to help control your portion sizes.  Finally, taking vitamins can tell your system that you are NOT lacking nutrients which helps your body stay in your minds control.

Do you really think that your body wants a whole bag of chips?  Or a whole carton of icecream?  Or that midnight meal that you never tell your spouse about?  NO, it doesn't.  What it wants is something that you didn't give it during the day and you set off all of the body's alarm systems and to protect itself not only is it slowing down your metabolism it has put your hunger mechanism into overdrive.  You would need far more self control then most people have to stay strong.  When I do that I can't sleep until I fill up!  I will lay there in bed and toss and turn until I feed myself!!!!!

All diets are the same in the sense that they restrict calories.  The reason that some diets seem to work better for people than you is that completely by accident they are fulfilling these needs for their system with that particular diet plan.  If you plan ahead and use these simple Trigger Avoidance ideas you can find your next diet to be far more successful and put yourself in the drivers seat.  No more out of control eating, no more cheating and no more

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