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Making time for exercise can be a real challenge.  Whether you are a stay at home mom with 3 kids full time or you drive taxi 16 hours per day, making this time for yourself can be extremely challenging if not impossible.

I have 2 distinct responses to this issue.

The long-time hard core trainer in my says, "You had better find time, because each day, hour and minute that you don't you are doing damage inside your body that will become permanent, if it already isn't."  This is an important frame of mind to have because many, many, many people end up using their jobs, families or anything as reasons not to exercise instead of using them as the reason that you need to exercise.  You want to be a grandparent someday, you want to avoid an early heart attack.  You would probably even love to look into the mirror and say "WOW, I look really good!"

BUT, the father of 3 young kids in me who happens to be a trainer has a different response.  It is this response that I would say is more reasonable.  First off, you have to find time to exercise vigorously for 30 minutes no less than 3 times per week.  Even the Surgeon General of the United States tells us that being obese (above 21% body for a man and 35% for a woman) is more dangerous than smoking.  Exercising can be a family affair though.  Go for a bike ride, a hike, play soccer, almost anything will help.

You can make exercise part of your job as well.  Get rid of that office chair and sit on an exercise ball, use the stairs instead of the elevator, go for a walk on lunch.  I used to train a taxi driver who would go to the gym while he was waiting for clients for his taxi.  You can make time if you have to, and the Surgeon General says you have to.  Now the harder question is, "Do you really want to?"

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