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The worst thing that we can do if we are struggling with weight loss is to continue to believe what you believe today.  It is exactly that belief that got you to the point that you are.  Even if it is a great plan but you don't follow it then it is a bad plan.  So forget it, throw it out the window and start fresh.

Something has changed.  You had kids, got older, changed jobs ect.  But for whatever reason controlling your weight is not as easy as it once was.  It is very unrealistic that you will go back to all of the same habits that you had when you were in the best shape of you life, like playing 2 sports per day and then going out and being active with your friends.  So whatever you were eating then is not appropriate now.

You need a new plan that will work with your new life.  Here is what you need to do.
  1. Forget your old plan, it will not work anymore for multiple reasons
  2. Map out your regular day including when you get up, when you work, when you drop the kids off, when you eat, when you watch TV or go Online ect
  3. Now write a list of the good habits that we should all have like Eating 6 meals per day, taking a vitamin, exercising, limiting TV
  4. Now write a new Map of your day, BUT include the good habits from #3 where you think that it is realistic
  5. Follow the new plan for 1 month and then revisit.  See if you can update it to add another small meal or another short workout now and again
Don't be the 90% who will read this post and not follow the simple advice.  This map can change your life forever without being a burden, but only 10% of people are

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