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It is possible to not lose weight all week and then drop a pound over the weekend.  During the week we are generally busier because 8-10 hours of our day is devoted to work, that gives us less time to put towards our health and fitness.  So if you did not gain or lose weight this week then this plan is a great jump start!

  1. Be active.  Over the weekend we generally mow the yard, do the honey-do's and the like.  This weekend turn off the TV and get active.  Instead of watching TV take the do for a walk, go for a bike ride and eat lunch at a park.
  2. Avoid the BOOZE.  Alcohol basically stops your results from happening so take this weekend off from the party.  Not only is alcohol full of empty calories it also loosens us up mentally, and when you get hungry you will not have the willpower to say NO to the foods that are not helpful.
  3. Hit the gym.  I want to spend all of the time that I can with my kids, but I also want to be a healthy parent with lots of energy for them.  So take 1 hour and hit the gym, and since you are there you should hit it hard!
  4. Sleep.  You read that correctly, get some sleep!  Most of the good things that happen in your body happen while you are asleep.  In fact there are mountains of research that say people who are overweight generally sleep less than those who are fit and as a result there body does not run as well.
  5. Drop the excuses.  Just because it is the weekend does not mean that your metabolism is faster, so no pigging out, no break from healthy eating.  Do what you know you need to.
Weekends can be your worst enemy, but they can also be your best friend.  Take advantage of the weekend and lose a pound of body fat with these easy steps.  If you don't do it during the week, and then you don't do it during the weekend then you are never doing it!  Good Luck...

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