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Did you know that calcium has binding properties?  What that means is that calcium can bind with other molecules changing their chemical and molecular makeup.  It can make/turn them into a form of the same molecule that the human body can no longer metabolize or use.  Dairy contains one of those minerals, calcium.

Calcium molecules can bind with fat molecules and turn them into a soapy molecule that is unusable by the body and will pass right through the digestive system.  Calcuim binds only with dietary fat, not fat that is alrObviously, this will only work to a certain degree but it has been proven that eating excess calcium can help you burn up to 6 additional pounds of fat per year, and who wouldn't want to lose an extra 6 pounds without any extra work!?!

Keep in mind that the calcium will bind with the fat in milk so if you want it to bond with other dietary fats then you need to take in low fat or skim dairy...

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