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All exercises are not created equally when it comes to their effectiveness for weight loss and fat loss.  These exercises are selected because of the 2 main factors that lead to fat loss from weight training.  First, they each burn maximal calories while you do them.  Second, each exercise has a strong post exercise caloric burn commonly referred to as after-burn.  And the best part is that if you have even a nominal weight set at home you won't need a gym to do them, so there is no excuse for skipping a quick workout every other day!
  1. Weighted Squats.  Squats are one of my favorite (least favorite depending on your perspective...) because the incorporate SO much of your body.  Your primary movers are your quads, hamstrings and glutes, but a weighted squat will also involve your entire core complex.  So not only will your biggest muscles all be working together and burning an awesome amount of energy you will engage those hard to reach muscles in the ab, lower back, ribs, spinal extensors and hip flexors.  Put all of this together and you have a ton of calories burned.  A weighted squat is different from a body weight squat because you squat your body weight all day long so more of the same will not send a strong signal for change, while a weighted squat will challenge you more and ask your body to improve more aggressively.  This signal for change is what stimulates the after burn effect so that you can burn extra calories for up to 48 hours after you are done exercising!  So toughen-up and add some weight to your squats!
  2. Bent-over Row.  These incorporate all of the pulling muscles in the upper body like the Lats, Biceps, Posterior Delts, Rhoimboids and Traps, but also gets your legs, lower back, spinal extensors and whole core involved.  Again, massive calories burned by incorporating so many muscles in the movement.  Make sure that you use a heavy enough weight to maximize your after burn because I see people all the time who are lifting 5 pound weights and they are LITERALLY wasting their time.  Very few calories will be burned and absolutely no after burn!
  3. Push-ups.  Push-ups are great for the same reasons.  All of your pushing muscles like your pecs, Anterior delts, Triceps ect have to be working had to get you up, but keeping your body rigid during the movement will require all of those peripheral muscles in your core, legs, back extensors, even up to your neck, to be involved!  More muscles used means more calories burned.  Also, it take quite a while before you can do more push-ups than are effective.  If you can rep out more than 20 full push-ups in a row then it is time to get into the weights, but short of that as long as you are going to muscle fatigue/failure then you are still burning tons of calories doing the exercise and still getting a good after burn effect.
The key to all of these exercises is pushing yourself hard enough!  You need to get to that point where you simply cannot do another repetition with good form to get the full effect of these exercises.  Now you have a quick at home workout that can really make a difference unless you are at a pretty high fitness level.  If you are concerned about form and technique then make sure that you get a trainer to help you.  Most trainers will work with you on this sort of thing for free so don't be shy!

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8/8/2012 04:11:14 pm

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You are a blogger and now my inspiration. I just love the blog post. Its very informative, interactive and quality content. Keep sharing!

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Your weight loss tips are very useful and effective but we should follow strictly all that option of weight loss.


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