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Many women have noticed that as they get older, keeping off the weight becomes more difficult. A new study published a few weeks ago in the most recent edition of the Journal of the American Medical Association, confirms this fact, and suggests that middle-aged women who want to keep their figure must exercise at least an hour a day.

This study confirms what many women have long suspected, critics say the JAMA research report has some holes. 1. all the data was self-reported, which always means there will be some errors in the data, since people often under-report what they eat and misunderstand exercise.  2. it collected dietary information only at the beginning of the thirteen year study period. As a result, changes in diet, which happen inevitably over the years, were not accounted for.

In any case, the study was one of the most comprehensive and thorough observational studies on women’s fitness to date. The results also noted that women who participate in intense thirty minute work outs ever day accrue the same benefits from a one hour-a-day exercise regimen. Also, many times light to moderate exercise can be included in even the more mundane tasks that women often engage in, like the physical energy expended in taking care of children.

In the final analysis, the study underscores the fact that exercise is an essential in maintaining one’s health, especially as a middle-aged woman. And that is something all of us women who juggle a career or family but still find time to exercise with enthusiasm can celebrate.

Conclusion, if you can't find an hour per day to exercise then at least try to find 30 minutes.  If you can't find 30 minutes everyday then find 30 minutes every other day.  Exercise is an absolute must for women to stay healthy for a lifetime.

If you aren't sure what exercises that you should be doing please let know and we can help

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