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Protein is always an issue when it comes to exercise.  Some people do not get enough of it while others are obsessed and exceeding their need.

Protein is essential for all living animals, especially those who exercise.  Protein supports your immune system and is what your body uses to build and repair most tissues in the body, like the boards in your house.

So how much protein should you be getting?  Generally you need to get 1/2 gram per pound that you way.  So if you weigh 200 pounds then you should be getting 100 grams per day.

BUT, this is a soft number and can change based on your goals and exercises amount. 

If you are steadily dieting, eating less calories than you are burning, then it is pretty likely that a greater % of the protein that you are eating will be used for energy instead of supporting the body.  In that case it is a good idea to increase your protein by 25-50% to compensate.  If you are a Body Builder or competitive distance athlete it is a good idea to increase your protein to 1 gram per pound of body weight.

It is not a good idea to eat more protein than you burn.  It can cause you to dehydrate, get kidney stones and rob your bones of calcium.  This is not good for you long term so be smart.

Good protein choices
  • Protein shake
  • Eggs, and egg whites
  • Chicken breasts
  • Fish
  • Lean beef like sirloin
Bad protein choices
  • Cheese
  • High fat beef
  • Fried Chicken
Let me know if you have any questions.

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