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When it comes to nutrition it is difficult to decide what we should be teaching because most people have unique issues.  By combining the nutrition advise in this blog you should be able to construct a perfect nutrition plan for your lifestyle.

With that in mind, your nutrition tip of the day is...

Eat protein first.  Most people who are dieting are slightly to greatly protein deficient.  This can make weight loss harder and can cause over-training, even if you aren't exercising vigorously.  With each meal you should be having some protein to boost your total protein count for the day, but also you will find that proteins tend to be thinker and take longer to chew, heavier in your stomach and take longer to digest.  The combination of these factors will help you eat less of the other stuff (carbs and fats) and as a bi-product you will likely eat less total calories in the day. 

Imagine that before you had your bowl of cereal, or coffee, or whatever, for breakfast that you ate 3 egg whites.  That would fill up some space in the stomach and make the portion of the next item or two that you eat much smaller.

Now imagine that you use that strategy time and time again throughout the day, week and month.  You will quickly give your body more of the building blocks that it needs in the additional protein and also reduce the total calories consumed pretty dramatically.  Even if you only remove 100 calories per day using this technique that will equal about an extra pound of fat burned each month.  Do it for longer and it can really add up!

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