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Whether it has been 2 months or 5 years your body may not have returned to what it was before.  There are some specific exercises that you should be doing to help restore those pre-baby curves.
  1. Oblique crunches - When you have a baby your abs separate to make space for your belly to grow forward.  We need to pull those together by putting lateral stress on the area between the ribs and the pelvis.  Oblique crunches add just the angle that you need to tell the body to tighten up that space.  Regular crunches allow those muscles to stay wide and apart.
  2. Chest Presses - As you know the breasts may lose some of their original... perkiness.  Help keep that area in place by using the Pectoral muscles, which are right below the breasts.  The more fit that the pecs are the less sag you will get.  Chest presses, push-ups and Chest Flys will give you the best breasts that you can have.
  3. Lunges - When you are pregnant the hormones cause your ligaments to loosen up.  That includes your groin/inner thigh and glutes/butt.  When you do lunges you activate all 3 glute muscles and use your inner thigh to stabilize the knee, keeping it from dipping in and out.  This will also help return your rear-end to its best prerkiness level.
  4. Rows - When you are pregnant and your breasts grow it effects your posture because of the adder weight and stress up front.  You need to get that to return to normal for life long health.  Do rows, of any kind, and those posterior muscles like your rear delts, rhomboids and traps will tighten up and pull you back into proper postural alignment.
  5. Back Extensions - When you are pregnant your lower back takes a lot of stress.  It not only has a lot of new pressure/weight on it but also the ligaments will have been impacted by the same hormones that effected the rest of your body.  You need to tighten up the muscles that support your lower back, which is the part of the whole core complex.
If you are not doing these exercises already then please add them to your workout.  If you are already doing them, and still do not have the result that you want it is likely that you need to up the intensity on them.  Please remember, you need to lose the baby fat to see what is underneath, so add these exercises to your proper nutrition plan for best results!

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