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Brain and Weight Loss
Let me tell you how impressed and interested I am in the new information on the psychology behind weight loss!  This is great stuff and make sure that you share it with others, DIGG it, Tweet it, Stumble it, Post it or email because this is powerful stuff that everyone needs to know.

Next, before you read this that you must know that I am certainly no psychologist or psychiatrist so I am simply filtering and restating what I have been learning.  If you want to read one of the original articles just click on the picture of the brain above.

So here is the deal.  Our traditional sense of guilt for not accomplishing our goals, or not meeting our own expectations appear to have DIRE consequences.  For example, when we fail to get into those skinny jeans by our target date!

Here is a list of the worst culprits according to clinical Psychologists, Dr. Nando Pelusi and Dr. Mitchell Robin:
  • I must be thin
  • I must eat until sated (full)
  • I need immediate results
  • I need comfort
  • I feel awful
  • It is intolerable to stick to a diet
  • I am no good
It comes down to motivation and creating the habit of success.  For example when someone wants to climb Mount Everest they do not make that their first climb ever, they go through a process of learning how to climb and improving their skills before they attempt that final goal.

Here are the ways that 5 experts tell us to approach this process.
  • Lose the all or nothing attitude.  We all know that an hour is better at the gym than 20 minutes, and that getting to the gym is better than doing that video at home, BUT do what you can at first and get into the habit before you try to go all out.
  • "Aerobics is no longer the panacea for losing weight. It's the change in body composition that makes you look better, and for that, strength training is more effective. Don't constantly weigh yourself, since muscle weighs more than fat. Instead, measure your body mass index—or even your waist—and only once every four to six weeks. I've had many female clients gain five pounds but go down three dress sizes."
  • Dealing with problems is a skill, so expect issues and then use those issues as an opportunity to learn and practice new skill sets.  Do not expect a 100% success rate, but celebrate (not by eating out) your success and appreciate what your struggles teach you.
  • "Our culture puts emphasis on goals, on absolutes. We're taught to believe competition should be ferocious. But if we lose that sense of fun, of delight, all the haranguing in the world from an instructor won't give a student lasting motivation. The bottom line is to savor the (process) the physical sensation of moving...  That itself becomes a reward compelling enough to keep one involved."
  • "Self-regulation is key; you can make it simple by being your own monitor. You have to think like a thermostat—be able to detect a discrepancy between the environment and your internal standard. It's the difference between your current state and where your mind and body would like to be. You can then adjust—raise your standards to meet your expectations—through strategy and action. Some of us are born with high self-regulatory skills, but I can identify clients who lack the know—how and I teach them. Awareness is the first step: noting how many calories you've consumed, how effective your exercise is, how frequently and intensely you've exercised."
This is all very great stuff and can be applied to weight loss but also to many other things in our lives.  We see people losing 15 pounds per week on TV and assume that we should be able to do that to.  What we fail to consider is that these people were hand selected by experts to ensure that they could lose that way, and then they are taken out of a real environment and put into a bubble where their entire existence is weight loss.  So make sure that you learn to celebrate the other and little things.  If you stick to it there will be a day that you are able to celebrate the process rather than the goal, and that is when you will have finally taken control of your physical health.

Remember that fitness is a journey, not a destination!

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