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We all know that smoking may cause cancer, being obese may cause heart disease and diabetes and huffing paint thinner kills brain cells. 

But, there may be more to living longer and healthier than we initially thought.

First, I feel that I must qualify that I am not a Physician, I have a BS in Sports Med and Nutrition, which makes me slightly more qualified than the general population to analyze these studies, but by no stretch am I an expert, nor do I agree or disagree with the statements of research included herein.  That being said;

There is extensive research about the effects of drastic calorie restriction and the impact of the health of the bodies cells and their lifespan.

In simple terms here is the argument for what happens.  The more you eat the more your body has to work to process that food.  The more food processing that happens, the metabolic process, the quicker the breakdown of cells and the more quickly you will have to replace those cells.  The more cell replacement that happens the more chance there is that their will be a DNA or RNA mishap and many unhealthy changes can result.

Think about your skin.  If you spend your life in the sun, you end up looking like a leather hand-bag, and skin cancer becomes more likely.  This occurs even if you stop going out in the sun after 30 years because the damage is done and permanent.  The same applies to all cells in your body based on the stress and requirements that we put upon them.  There are some cells in your body that respond positively to stress, like muscles and bones, and from that stress they are healthier and function better.  For example, you cannot get muscle cancer.  Other cells on your body can show wear from use and never recover fully, think of how cutting your skin shows a scar.

CR (Calorie Restriction) is the severe restriction of calories for the duration of your adult life.  In essence, you lower the stress on most cells in your body.  Then you incorporate a healthy workout regime and continue to avoid the unhealthy habits of smoking or sun bathing.  The end result is predicted that humans can live a longer and more productive life, projecting 120-140 years of life!

The obvious results are that you will keep your blood pressure low for life, remove the risk of causing your own heart disease, almost no risk of adult onset diabetes, drastically reduced your risk for cancer by removing most cancer causing agents from your life, decreased joint stress due to low body weight, ect.

Studies on nearly every species tested, including worms, spiders, rodents, dogs, cows and monkeys have shown similar projections.  Human testing is in phase 3 and is showing relatively good age-slowing results.

Maybe not the silver bullet.  CR drastically reduces caloric intake and removes pretty much all fun food from your diet for life.  Can you live your whole life this way?  Probably not for everyone, but at least it is Food for Thought.

Ideas or insights on this subject?  Please respond.

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