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Drink water to lose weight
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A new clinical trial (meaning double-blind study!) was just published sharing my favorite weight loss technique EVER!  This is so easy that everyone can do it, even you!  Here it is:

Drinking water plays several roles in weight loss, and there is even a little technique involved to maximize your results.
  1. Drink two full glasses of water before your 3 major meals.  This will help you control your portion size because your stomach will not know the difference between food and water as far as why it is full.
  2. We OFTEN confuse being thirsty with being hungry.  People who are hydrated tend to eat less food overall because they do not risk that confusion.
  3. Water is essential for turning fat into energy.  If you are dehydrated it is very difficult for your body to turn fat into a usable form of energy.
Researches claim that of the 300 patients who were on a restricted calorie diet, those who drank two full glasses of water before their 3 major meals per day lost on average 5 pounds more fat over a 12 week period than those who simply restricted calories and did not drink the additional water!

Remember that everything in your body has H2O as part of it and depleting that resource will obviously impact all of those systems.  So do yourself the favor of increasing your water intake.  Just two glasses of water before your 3 major meals could be that last trick that you need to start getting those pounds off for good!

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