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Slow things down to speed up results!  

Sometimes, in fact very often, what we need to do to jump start our results is to make a change simply for the sake of change.  But it is always a good idea to use science to help guide that change.

So here is a really good idea for you, with the science to back it up.  Slow down your exercise dramatically.  When you lift weights more slowly you send a very strong signal for change when compared to quicker motions.  Long-term this results in teaching the body to be effective at moving slowly, but in the short term you can get extra fibers engaged in your exercise, which is usually a good idea.

Use a count to keep track.  When the weight is going down and gravity is winning you should use an 8-10 second count, then pause for 1 second, and use a 4 count to return the weight to the starting position.  That gives you 13-15 seconds per rep.  The constant state of tension can really help get your muscles sore, is very safe and a great plateau breaker.  Just remember to use about 80% of the normal weight for your rep range because you will find that you wear out pretty quickly and your muscles will be in fire!  Good luck, have fun and remember to leave a comment, post on Facebook, DIGG it and email it to someone that may enjoy it!!! 

1/18/2014 09:45:19 pm

i enjoy reading your blog. Yes its very hard to do exercise even it takes only 1hour. After reading your blog realize how good it is.


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