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For some reason everyone thinks that they are an expert when it comes to fitness.  The worst offenders are those who have spent a little time studying fitness because they are so confident in their knowledge, but they have not spent enough time to ensure that they are giving the best advice possible.  Many of you will not like what is coming because you may have built your entire program on one or more of these concepts, but better late than never.

Here is a list of the top 5 worst pieces of advice in fitness:

5. You do not have to join a gym to get in shape.  Placing 5th because there is a bit of truth behind it.  It is true that you do not have to have a gym membership to be in good shape, but most people who are in good shape have gym access as part of their program.  Gyms are very effective at burning calories and should be part of your program because there is no excuse for not working out, like bad weather or convenience.

4. Carbohydrates make you fat.  This is horrible advice.  Carbs do not make you fat.  The most fit people that I know eat carbs all of the time because they feed the metabolism and actually help keep you skinny!  Too many carbs can make you gain fat, but so can too many fats and even too many proteins, so use caution with all of your food, not just carbs.

3. A glass of wine is good for you.  This again has a grain of truth, but that is not the whole story.  For most people you would be much better off to not drink that wine because alcohol is a key culprit to gaining or keeping body fat.  You will live a much healthier life if you do not drink alcohol as part of a program until your body fat is into the healthy category.  It is only when you are already healthy that the benefits of wine can really be good for you.  Too many people use this as an excuse to drink and not become truly healthy!

2. Don't drink too much water.  WOW, I hear this everyday and it always makes me laugh.  80% of Americans are chronically dehydrated, and it is considered a big factor for our obesity because when you are thirsty and don't get hydrated then your body can confuse this with being hungry and you will want to eat.  Also, it is very easy to get dehydrated, which makes you gain weight due to water retention, and very difficult to over hydrate.  So error on the side of over-hydration and you will be happy with the result.

1. Walking is exercise.  If you are completely out of shape then walking is a good place to start, but that is all that it should be, a start.  For most people walking is simply too easy to be effective exercise for long.  Start pushing the intensity up and get results.  You could walk for years and never get in shape, but if you are continually pressing the body to go harder you are offering your body no choice but to get in shape.  If you use walking for exercise for more than 2-3 weeks then you are simply not getting out of it what you should anymore.

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