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Most estimates are that 95% of diets fail, and the MOST conservative estimates are that 80% of diets fail.  It has got to make you wonder why.

The problem is that when we achieve the specific milestone that we wanted out of the diet we return, sometimes slowly and sometimes quickly, to the habits that we had before the diet.  In the worst case scenario our diet had a negative impact on our metabolism and we now gain weight easier than ever, and our previous eating habits are now catastrophic!

The problem is programming.  We are programmed to eat according to our need for calories and nutrients.  Then we develop habits that ensure that we get those calories and nutrients.  When we diet we follow a plan that is designed to get us to lose weight, and not do what we need most!

What you need most is not to remove carbs, or stay away from ice cream for the rest of your life.  What you need to do is reprogram your brain to want only what it actually needs, rather than wanting a surplus.  This is easier said than done and we can really screw ourselves up trying to get down to that perfect diet.  Let me give you the easiest example to understand.  Anorexia.  The habits of Anorexia destroy your metabolism, so once the individual, for whatever reason, would like to try and return to normal eating habits they gain weight eating an extremely restricted calorie intake.

To reprogram your body and go on the perfect diet you must know this 1 thing is more important than anything.  Do not diet to lose weight!  Diet to reprogram your body.  Once you have created the environment where your metabolism is increased it is then that you can slightly restrict calories and get great results from that. 

Many of my clients are now eating more food than ever and still losing weight because the first thing that we did was to make them eat more.  I know that this seems counter-intuitive but for many people the best thing that you can do is eat more, let the body get used to the extra calories and start improving the way the body reacts to food.  If you add or intensify exercise while you eat more you can even avoid most of the weight gain that can come from eating more.

Here is what you need to do, step-by-step:
  1. You need to track what you are currently eating.  I know, I am so mean because you keep hearing (reading) me saying this, but you have to know what you are doing before you can know how to improve what you are doing.  Track your food for an entire week including the weekend.
  2. Look at the macro-nutrients (carbs, fats and proteins).  Look at the one that you are getting the least calories from.
  3. Decide how you could gain some, just a few to start, calories in that lowest category.
  4. Then do.  Eat more of that type of food only.
  5. Increase your exercise slightly to help offset the increase in calories.  Keep tracking your food.
  6. A week later look at your food tracking and repeat the process of steps 4, 5 and 6.  Repeat over and over until you see a 1 pound weight gain for more than 3 weeks in a row.
I know that this sounds dramatic and scary but if you want to permanently change your programming this is the only way.  You can expect to gain a few pounds the first week but do not freak out.  You are simply replenishing your empty stores and that will have weight to it.  This quick weight gain should be a short process.  If you continue to gain weight for more than 3 weeks then you are ready to start the weight loss process.  This is the best way for you to lose weight permanently this is the best way but it requires a long term attitude and patience for it to work.  If you are scared to death of gaining a pound then this is not the right diet for you.

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