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A client of mine gave me an awesome book a while back called "The 4 Hour Body" that is basically an experiment of how the body can react to different types of lifestyle choices.  I found it completely fascinating and it really got me wondering how I would react to those same choices.  Not all of them were really appealing to me, but the ones about weight loss got me thinking...  So I decided to try them out.  Then I decided that if they worked I would recommend them to my clients.  Then I decided that were a TON more experiments out that that should get some attention.

So I decided to try some of the programs for fitness and weight loss that I don't necessarily believe in and see what happened.  Then, to add a bit of credibility to my experiment, I decided to make something of a video diary of it.  I intend to try dozens of different diets, exercise plans, cleanses and whatever else tickles my fancy.  You can OPT-IN to my email list a get the exact stepprotocols that I followed free of charge, and this aspect of the experiment will be reserved for my email list.

If you have an idea of what program you think needs experimenting then please feel free to use the comment box on the Human Experiment page or email me directly through the OPT-IN form.

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