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When it comes to weight loss it is too easy to screw up your results without even knowing what has happened, and before you know it you have quit because of your frustrations.  Here we are going to cover what the most common mistakes are in the hopes that your awareness will help prevent them.

These are fairly basic and I just want you to open your eyes to your life and see which of these mistakes you have made, and make adjustments before you try to lose weight again.
  • There is no 1 thing that will make you lose substantial weight.  Stop looking for a single item that will get those pounds to fall off because it does not exist.  Real weight loss comes from combining proper and healthy nutrition with exercise bound to the FITT principle and nothing else (if you need education on the FITT principle then please read through the past posts).
  • Get support.  The fact of the matter is that the process of weight loss is grueling and it sucks most of the time.  It will break you down and make you want to quit!  Even the strongest of will can start to feel demoralized.  Good support will help you stay on track when you are your most vulnerable to falling off the wagon.
  • Be realistic.  The TV show "The Biggest Loser" has done a great job of motivating many people into action, but it has also given people unrealistic expectations.  You need to remember that you do not live on the ranch and workout for 8 hours per day so you cannot expect to lose the weight that they do.  One of my clients was a client on the show and she said that they eat 800 calories per day and do 8 hours of cardio every day!  This is too bad because you should never be discouraged by losing 2 pounds per week, because that will get you to lose all of the weight if you have the patience to stick to it!
  • Eat damn-it!  Food is like a foreign country, it can be your enemy or it can be your ally.  When you use food properly nothing can help you to lose more weight faster than proper nutrition.  But, when you use food improperly nothing can sabotage your results like food.  So get your food on track and enjoy real and sustainable weight loss.
  • Don't weigh yourself.  Weighing yourself when you have had great results can really fill you with pride and feel great!  Weighing yourself and seeing great results can also make you feel like you deserve or can get away with a break.  Weighing yourself and not getting results can be catastrophic!  Don't put too much emphasis on the scale.  And when you don't get the results that you want use it as motivation to revamp your program or seek help, not as a reason to back off!
  • Over-report exercise.  Don't trust those calorie trackers on the treadmill or elliptical.  They are a joke and will likely give you a false sense of security.  Use the FITT principle the keep adjusting your program, not the silly calorie counter on a machine!
  • Lose the light weights.  Heavy weights won't make you get big and light weights don't do a damn thing.  Every bodybuilder on the planet is insulted every time they hear someone say that they don't want to get big, because gaining substantial muscle is insanely hard.  Forget the light weights because they are A WASTE OF TIME.  Choose weights that really challenge you and you will get better results for sure!
  • Lastly, get some sleep.  80% of your recovery happens while you are asleep, so a lack of sleep means a lack of recovery.  Tired bodies cannot train as hard or as long and will quickly get over-trained.  Point being that if you don't sleep enough then you will get poor results and quit!
  • Stop defending yourself.  Every human being has a reflex to defend our actions and behaviors, but if your not losing weight then it is time to stop wasting your breath on defending yourself.  It is time for a change so open your ears and try some things that sound completely wacko, the

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