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Here is THE SILVER BULLET for WEIGHT LOSS.  Actually, several parts that combine to make the silver bullet for weight loss, BUT, put the parts together and you will get pounds to come off every single week.

Part 1 - Consistency on Everything.  Stick to your exercise and diet.  Do not take a break.  Your consistency sends a signal to your body that this is the new you and it needs to catch-up.  If you stay consistent then it will catch and and you will be happy.

Part 2 - Change up your exercise.  Stick with your consistent attendance but do something new every week.  It keeps you coming back AND the confusion for your muscles will keep the progress coming.  Try a class that you have never done, go outside and run, join a team, do something fun and new.

Part 3 - Eat before and after EVERY WORKOUT!  You are dead wrong if you think that eating hurts your results.  Eating tells your body that it is OK to let go of that body fat because there is energy coming in.  It is not OK to eat a box of Girl Scout Cookies, as much as you would like to, so go for a protein shake and an apple.  Give the body the nutrients necessary to recover.

Put these 3 parts together and you will lose Weight.  Leave any part out and you will find that your results will suffer.  Don't give up!

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