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If you have had the weird weather like we have had here then summer officially started today!  Summer is great because you get to wear shorts everyday without concern of rain or cold, flip flops are standard and you get to show off that body the you HOPEFULLY have been creating for the last 6 months!

The hourglass shape is what best defines what we see as fit.  So how do you best build the hourglass shape?

The first key is to shrink your waistline.  No this is not achieved by doing crunches.  That is more than old school, it is flat out wrong and not effective!  You need to burn off that ab fat and that is by burning as many calories as possible while restricting calorie intake.  So keep your diet in check this summer and work the crap out of your legs.  You read that correctly, work your legs.

Legs are BY FAR the biggest muscles in the body, so logically they burn the most calories while they workout but also while at rest.  The best adage that I have heard about this is "strong legs equal small waist".

Next, build some shoulders.  An hourglass is the shape of something going from wide to thin.  If you add just some shape and posture to your shoulders then you will enhance the illusion and improve your overall look.

Finally, remember the afterburn.  When you exercise you will burn some calories after you are done while you recover from that workout.  The harder that you work the longer the afterburn effect (usually).  Cardio generally lasts up to 90 minutes while weight training can last up to 48 hours.  So get your butt into the weight room every other day so that your body becomes a calorie burning machine at all hours of the day.

Good luck and make sure that you share this, Like this, Comment on this and enjoy this post!

7/25/2023 06:50:13 pm

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