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If you follow this blog then you will already know much of what is coming, but today is about being brutally honest.  If you are hoping that I am going to confirm that what you are doing is right then stop reading now because it is far more likely that you are going to feel like I chewed you out!

  1. Write it down - People don't like to write stuff down even though that we all know that adds accountability and precision to our program.  Well I don't like paying my bills but if I don't then I will lose my house and car!  Often in life we have to do things that we don't like to get what we really want.  So stop making up excuses or trying to justify why you don't think that you have to write it down.  Write down everything at you eat, INCLUDING CALORIES, and everything that you do for exercise.  Then everyday try to improve on the previous day.
  2. Cancel Cable.  TV is the worst thing that ever happened to our health.  Everyone spends a massive amount of hours in front of the TV every week.  It you just 10% of that time and re-applied it to getting healthy you would start losing weight today.  I know that as soon as you read this that 3/4 of you will immediately blow this off as unnecessary, and that is why that 3/4 is not really serious about getting healthy.  Stop wishing that you were fit and start deserving fitness, and your actions are what will dictate the difference.
  3. Hire a Trainer.  You can't afford it, right?  You already know what you are doing, right?  You can do it on your own, right?  WRONG, WRONG and WRONG!  Getting in shape sucks.  It is hard mentally and physically.  It will challenge you to your very core.  A Trainer will not only give you the science that you need, and regardless of what you think you really need to learn what they know, and they will keep you on track when you are trying to quit (and everyone tries).  So stop being a tight ass and make a small investment in something that will last a lifetime!
  4. Get Tech.  There are so many awesome tools available to you to help you get healthy that it is ridiculous that people aren't using them.  At the very least set the alarm on your cell phone to go off every 3 hours as a reminder to eat so that you get your 6 meals in everyday, weekends included.
  5. Stop Boozing.  Alcohol is about the worst thing that you can put into your body if you are trying to lose weight.  You say that you are really serious about losing weight, so stop drinking.  Not even a drop.  It is absolute sabotage for weight loss and there is no wiggle room on this.
  6. Stop Weighing.  Weight loss is a process and there are good days, great days and set-backs.  You don't need to ride that emotional roller coaster.  Set a time and day that you weigh every week or 2 weeks and stick to it.  That is the only real way to get a consistent mark of your progress.
  7. Get Up.  Get up early in the morning and accomplish something.  Get up off of the couch (the cable is disconnected now so there is no reason to be on the couch anyways!).  Everyday people tell me how busy that they are but as soon as the things in their life that burn time are gone all of the sudden there is plenty of time for everything and then some.  Get up and get going.
  8. Get educated.  There is no excuse for not knowing this stuff inside and out.  Now that the TV is off you have plenty of time to read some really good health and fitness books.  I am happy to recommend them, just submit a query and I will email you a list as long as your forearm of awesome fitness resources.
  9. Get focuses.  It is too easy to get distracted when you aren't focused.  Heck, it is easy to get distracted when you are focused.  Choose a goal and a time line, tell everyone that you know about your goals and time line, and then go get it.  Don't let fear of failure dictate your behavior!
  10. Get planning.  A goal without a plan is just a wish, and you aren't going to wish yourself fit.  Get a very precise black and white plan on how your are going to achieve your goal.  I wake up at this time.  I prepare my food this day.  I exercise at this time.  I do this workout routine.  I see my Trainer these days.  I tell everyone who tries to talk me out of my plan to "kiss my ass!"

I know that this is not your typical all positive article, but sometimes what you need more than anything is a slap in the face, and today happened to be face slapping day!  So get to it.

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10/2/2013 12:03:07 pm

Lovely blog, thanks for posting.


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