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I think that life is great and I hope that yours is too.  I have a great wife and 3 crazy and wonderful little kids that just blow me away everyday!  I have my health, and I have a job that I absolutely love!  I have now trained over 2,000 clients and let me tell you that there is nothing better than giving someone else a better life for a living, all day every day!  It can really help you enjoy your life when you are happy and confident with yourself so I hope that you find this post both helpful and inspiring.

The weather outside is getting colder and it is coming up on holiday season.  The summer fun is over and all the kids are back at school.  This is the time of year that everyone starts thinking about losing some weight.  It is time to start taking ANOTHER look at what you are eating in the desperate hopes that you can make a simple adjustment or two to lose that weight. 

If you are an avid reader you can skip down a bit because here is where I discuss the science of weight loss, and you should have this memorized by now!  To lose weight there is only one simple thing that you need to do (I said simple, not easy).  To lose weight you need to burn more energy, known to your body as calories, than you eat.  There is no magic to it, no special pills to take, just burn more calories than you eat and amazingly those energy stores on our body, known as body fat, will begin to diminish.

So now you have to decide on a diet/nutrition strategy to lower your food intake.  There are more diets out there than I wish to address right now, or ever for that matter, so the choices can be down-right overwhelming.  There are some that in my not-so-humble opinion are really good, and there are some out there that are complete crap and they just want you to by their book/products.

How to choose
  1. Don't do any diet that claims to make you lose weight too fast.  I know, now you hate me but that is the truth.  The faster that you lose weight the more likely and the quicker the weight will come back.  Find a plan that focuses on lifestyle change as opposed to drastic change!
  2. Find a diet that focus on meal frequency and portion control.  The more often you eat the faster your metabolism will go. Any diet that does not aggressively encourage you to eat often does not have your best interest at heart.
  3. Find a diet that is simple.  Complex meal plans can be great for results, but can be difficult to follow.  You want to plan that can easily be followed and prepared for so that you won't have the excuses of not being prepared or not having the foods handy.
  4. Write it down.  If your diet does not force you to write everything down then it is doing you a dis-service.  You cannot make a lifestyle change unless you understand what is happening so you need the education as well as the accountability of writing everything down or tracking it on your computer.
  5. Be ready to be hungry.  When you eat less energy than you burn your body knows it.  Don't every be fooled into thinking that you can be full for long while on a diet.  There will be times that you have to eat when you are full and when you are starving and can't eat.  This is something I call metabolic programming, and in essence you are teaching your body to adapt to your new life.
  6. Get help.  Any program worth its salt will provide you with resources to tap into when you have questions and issues.  These resources will keep you on track when you otherwise would have fallen off track.  If you program provides them at an additional cost then pay that cost!  It is worth the money to lose those pounds!
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