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Boot Camps are one of THE most searched fitness topics on Google, Yahoo, and Bing.  The Boot Camp style fitness workout is becoming crazy popular in part because people are getting really fit doing them.  But is a fitness Boot Camp for you?

First you need to know more about fitness Boot Camps.  Most Boot Camps are not like military Boot Camps where there is an instructor who yells, screams and cusses.  In every case that I know of, in fact, the instructor is a full time personal trainer who teaches Boot Camp on the side.

Second, Boot Camps are hard, but doable.  Similar to the military fitness Boot Camps are designed to push you to your limit, but not beyond your limit.  This is the reason that you either love it or hate it.  You love it because you are getting awesome results or you hate it because you simply do not like pushing that hard.

Third, everyone can do it.  These camps are designed to get you in shape, not for the already in shape.  That does not mean that everyone is equal but in almost every case the Boot Camp is designed to allow for different fitness levels.  The instructor should teach you ways to modify most exercises so that if you are less fit you will still be able to participate.  But remember that the point of the Boot Camp is to push you hard, so if the instructor thinks that you are capable of more then it is likely that you will be told to modify to a more difficult technique.

Finally, fitness Boot Camps are fun (kinda).  Getting more fit is a physically uncomfortable process, and can be emotionally uncomfortable too!  Doing this process as part of a group can be just what you need because you will see that you are not the only one who is struggling or falls flat on your face.

Maybe a fitness Boot Camp is too intense for you, but maybe it is exactly what you need to get you to finally get more out of yourself.  Give it a shot, because really what do you have to lose?

There are some fantastic Boot Camps in most markets, especially here in my home market, Boise.  So get online and find out what is available in your area.  And because fitness Boot Camps are not right for everyone most companies will offer you are Free Trial to just check it out before you buy.

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