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Someone recently asked me what the most important part of hiring a personal trainer was.  Of course I had my knee-jerk responses like "A Personal Trainer will hold you more accountable than you ever will hold yourself."  Among other things.  But, for some reason my standard answers didn't seem sufficient and the question haunted me, now for several days.  And then just this morning a quote that my dad used to keep on the fridge when I was a kid POPPED into my head for some reason, and it all came together for me.

"Man's mind, once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimensions."  Oliver Wendell Holmes (1809-1894)

So I thought about that quote for a few moments...  So here is why this applies to what getting a GOOD personal trainer will not only help you lose weight but will help you change your life.

We, humans, are lazy by nature.  We are designed to seek out the easiest ways to do things and to do them in the least time possible.  That is the curse and benefit of our big brain.  It is by this fact that we make every decision in our life.  You can either microwave those potatoes or you can triple the time to cook them in the oven.  Unless you are a food snob you probably use the microwave, and why not?  It tastes pretty good still and is so much faster, and requires much less of your valuable time.

Fitness has those same issues, except the fitness microwave SUCKS!  Those fitness gimmicks on TV almost never work, and if they do work they still don't work for you because they still can't force you to work your hardest or to never skip a workout, or follow you diet either.

So to be explicitly clear, here is what a Personal Trainer will do for you that you will never do on your own.
  • A Personal Trainer will beat you down into a pile of pulp laying in a puddle on the floor wishing someone would scoop you up with a shovel, poor you into your car and drive you home.
  • A Personal Trainer will force you to see the difference between what you are capable of and what you THINK that you are capable.
  • A Personal Training will force you to own your choices and own your results.  You decide to go out for drinks this weekend, your choice will cost you your entire weeks results!  Own it!
  • A Personal Trainer will give you more confidence then you were ever aware that you were capable of having because it will be DRILLED into you that you are your own best friend and worst enemy until they no longer need to speak to you about it.
  • A Personal Trainer will stretch your mind to new dimensions concerning who you are and what you are capable of.  You will never be able to make ignorant decisions again, because you will forever be aware, and you will own it forever!
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